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Hastings Website DesignWebsite design from MJS media is a perfect solution for SME’s looking for an online presence. We can create and host your own personalised responsive website by building a clean, fast loading and SEO friendly website. Based in Bexhill and Hastings we are happy to come and visit your business to ensure we get a full understanding of what you require and the type of look you want.

All of our websites are responsive meaning they are designed and built to work on all platforms such as desktops, tablets and mobile phones to ensure customers can visit you wherever and whenever. Currently, almost 60% of all web browsing is done via a mobile device such as a phone or tablet so it is important your site works for your customers on all devices.

Your website is your 24/7 calling card and should be thought of as more than a website. It is there to sell when you are not around. It represents your business or brand and drives business to you – making you money. When you contact us we will ask what you want from your site. Questions may include:

  • Does your site need regularly updating with new products or services
  • Do you have someone dedicated to doing this? Do they need training?
  • Do you have a dedicated blogger or social media marketer? Do you need to display latest tweets etc on the site
  • What are the objectives of the site? Is it to sell directly or to get people to contact you
  • Are you promoting a special event? If so what information do you need to provide.

Why do we ask these questions? It is not to sell you products but to ensure we provide the right tools for what you need. We could build a really flash website, but that is no good if it doesn’t achieve anything. Don’t get a website for the sake of having a website. Have one that is an extension of your business and works for you.

Our portfolio section shows a number of our recent web design projects however we are always keen to stress that your site is created for you and, therefore, will match your own needs. Website design is very important but so is what the site achieves

Prices start from just £495 for a 1-page website which includes 1 years hosting, custom email, SEO optimisation, and technical support. If you require a domain name we can arrange the purchase of this for you too. Once your site is built we don’t just disappear. We are here to assist in any aspect of your website such as updating products, adding features or changing details.

If you already have a website but are looking for some great hosting then check out our hosting packages. Our UK based hosting is perfect for businesses looking for affordable but quality hosting. We don’t sell you more than you need but concentrate on high quality, fast loading and reliable website hosting.

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