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Discover our unique process that guides you from the initial discovery phase through development, launch, and beyond.


Discovery is split into two parts.

Firstly, we get to know you and your organisation. What are your goals? What issues does your current website present? What, beyond just having a new website, do you want to achieve through this process?

The second part of discovery involves bringing together solutions for change and putting together the development plan. This includes setting timelines, compiling asset lists, and more.


Our development process is divided between mockup creation – ensuring clarity on what we are building, front-end and back-end development, and regular testing. We will have frequent touchpoints to review progress, and you will have plenty of opportunities to provide feedback.

Our comprehensive Quality Assurance systems ensure that the completed site is fully ready before launch.


We will seamlessly transition from your old site to the new site and conduct a further QA test to ensure the site is working as it should in the live environment.

Warranty & Ongoing Support

We will discuss with you the ongoing support you require and ensure you have all the details to get support when needed. All our sites come with a warranty period, meaning if anything should break during this time, we will fix it free of charge.

Complete Independence or Full-Scale Support

Whether you prefer the flexibility of managing your own site with our Files Only option or the peace of mind with our Full-Service Care package, we have a solution that fits your specific requirements.

Files Only

Ideal for self-sufficient clients, this option gives you full control. We build your website and hand over the files, complete with a 6-month warranty. Perfect for those with their own hosting and support setup.

Full-Service Care

Our all-inclusive package ensures your website’s longevity and security. With 100% uptime Green Hosting and continuous maintenance, we safeguard your site against risks. Enjoy a 12-month comprehensive warranty and ongoing support for as long as you’re with us.

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