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Building a new (or updating an old) website is more than adding some nice images and fancy buttons.

To own a successful website, it shouldn’t just look pretty but should integrate into your entire business strategy.

For this reason, we don’t build off the shelf, templated websites but have a clear discovery process that includes brand and business discovery to help identify what the website needs to achieve.

That doesn’t mean the design will be “super flashy”; in fact, the opposite is often true. Good websites are simple to use for visitors. That is who your website is for, so don’t make the visitor feel silly. Following web design standards is essential but ensure it is designed for its intended use.

Business Success Focused.

The driving factor behind our work. Will it make a positive difference to your business? If not then why are we doing it? We take this approach to ensure your investment is treated with the respect it deserves.

Stage 1

The first part is a website onboarding session which includes a pre questionnaire. This may seem a little time consuming but you wouldn’t want to have an medical operation without a consultation first. You may end up with a great new knee, but it wasn’t the one which was hurting!

Onboarding ensures we are all clear on the goals and sets out clear guidelines as to who is providing what and when.

Stage 2

Here is where we work to convert the static designs into a working and functional website on our development server. It is at this stage we require your content. You may be providing this, or we may be doing this for you. Stage 2 is where the website starts to come to life.

There will be regular feedback meetings and chances to review progress during this stage.

Stage 3

Ensuring the website works as intended is essential. During the testing stage we check all areas of the website on multiple devices to ensure visitors are given a suitable experience. With the wide variety of devices available, building a websites isn’t about making a site look the same on all devices but ensuring that visitors get a positive experience regardless of whether they are on a 24” desktop or a small mobile phone.

Stage 4


At Stage 4 we launch the website to the live domain and run our final checklist which includes setting up SSL connection, adding additional security plugins and setting up daily backups.

Why use MJS Media?

You’ll Benefit From Our Experience

We have been building bespoke websites for a very broad range of companies, with different situations and needs, for many years. So you can trust that we know what we are doing!

You’ll Access Our Full Team

You’ll get the benefit of working with a project manager, a graphic designer, a website developer and a content creator.

You’ll Enjoy Our Focus on Generating Real Business Results

Our services have been designed with the support of a business coach, and it shows! We include a proper marketing strategy framework, regular and relevant KPI reporting, and personalised recommendations for constant improvement.

You’ll Value the Systematic Approach We Provide

• Detailed onboarding process 
• Visual mockup creation 
• Extensive Testing
• Weekly updates during the website design process
• Ongoing refinement – a free review at 6 months and 12 months

Nice Things People Say About Us

MJS have worked on our website, marketing strategies and brand design for a number of years now. The entire team have always impressed us with the quality of work they deliver every time as well as how efficiently they work. An absolute pleasure to work with and in my opinion, having worked with a number of marketing agencies, MJS are the best around!

James Beeching, Hastings Beer & Music Festival

Amazing service, very talented bunch who perfected exactly what we wanted, and for a very reasonable price. The website created was everything I wanted and more, which is a massive compliment to them as I am very hard to please! I can not recommend these guys enough.

Sheri Michelle, Camber Getaways

Can’t fault the guys at MJS media. They delivered exactly what we asked for when building our website and nothing was too much trouble. Matt and the team are always on hand to discuss ideas to develop our website and they actively provide advice and support as to how to make the most of your our whole online presence. Couldn’t recommend them enough!

Michael Lansdowne, The Stitchery