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Video Gets Your Business Seen

From improving conversion rates to increasing reach, video is the tool to use.

Increase sales conversion with Video Testimonials!

It makes sense to tell potential clients that you are great at what you do, but it means so much more when existing clients tell them. Video testimonials are more credible and personal than written testimonials and they are way more likely to convert potential clients into actual clients.

Film it once, keep it forever.

Explainer videos are great, once you have filmed one you can upload it and reuse it multiple times. Explaining the same task or process over and over again to new clients or staff is time-consuming. Film it and save time and energy so you can focus on the important stuff.

Show off your best work with case studies…

Case studies are a fantastic way to capture those big projects you have worked on. We all have projects we are proud of and creating a video case study presents your portfolio in a visually engaging way.

Ready, Set, Action!

Ready to get started with our video services? Get in touch with us today!

Thanks Matt, You’re a top banana, and you can quote me on that.

Fred Thomas

Business East Sussex

You want to maximise the reach of your marketing message and one clear way to do this is by using video. Video is becoming more and more important as a business medium for communicating with the public, their team, suppliers, prospects, customers, and others.

Recent statistics show that a video on social media organically reaches 135% more people than a still image and that website landing pages displaying a video increase conversions by 80%!

Our videographers can film projects like promotional videos, explainer videos, video testimonials, case studies and much more. You’ll be surprised how many ways video can help to grow your business!

Frequently Asked Questions

What equipment do you use?
We will bring what is required for the job but primarily we use the latest 4K DSLR technology with professional Rode Microphones, Zoom audio recorders, Gimbal stabilisers, Tripods and GoPros.
Can you create graphics?
Yes, we can. Animation and motion graphics are very complex jobs so we would need a chat before providing a quote but almost anything can be achieved.
Can you provide voiceover?
We can. Whether you require a deep movie trailer voice, a BBC English voice or a DJ voice we can do it.
Do you travel?
Yes, we do. Although we are based in Hastings, in the last year, we have filmed in East Sussex, Kent, London, Norwich, and Birmingham.
Do you also provide photography?
We do! You can check out our photography service here.