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Case Study

St Mary in the Castle

St Mary in the Castle is a stunning venue situated on Hastings seafront just a stone’s throw from the Old Town.
The beautiful location hosts numerous events and exhibitions and can be hired as the perfect venue for weddings, film sets, photoshoots, and other celebrations.

In fact, in recent weeks, Rag N Boneman filmed a video there!
With the consequences of Covid-19 and a new management team stepping in, St Mary in the Castle wanted to get ahead of their competitors, but their previous website wasn’t appropriate for this.

It was outdated, with limited ability to publicise events, and just didn’t fit the vision the new management had in mind. It was in need of a refresh, and the new team wanted to put their spin on it.

The main problem St Mary in the Castle was experiencing was a lack of information. Nothing stood out on the website, and the events being held weren’t as front and centre as they should be. Despite the stunning building, it wasn’t visible on the site.

If these problems had continued, St Mary in the Castle would have been at risk of losing out when promoting the event as a viable music venue to promoters. With Covid-19 already heavily knocking back the new teams’ ambitions, a poor website certainly wasn’t helping.

We chose to design and build St Mary in the Castle a brand new website, with a clear focus on visitor needs. We made sure the events were showcased and that the building was also in its rightful place on the homepage. Our team worked hard to ensure there was a strong brand throughout the website, focusing on consistent fonts, colours and images. The new site looks absolutely fantastic, and St Mary in the Castle were incredibly pleased with it.

On top of the visual side, we worked hard to deliver a technically brilliant site too, and with some optimisation, it was receiving page speed and build scores in the high 90’s.

With these Core Web Vitals being a google ranking factor, this is essential for websites.
It was a real pleasure working alongside St Mary in the Castle, and we built up a good rapport with them. We love it when our clients become more like friends, and this was certainly the case with St Mary in the Castle. We’re extremely proud of what we achieved with their new site.

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