Dom’s Food Mission

Modernising Dom's Food Mission's website wasn't just about a fresh look; it was about significantly saving CO2 for this local food waste charity. Here's how we did it.

Dom’s Food Mission is a charity local to us that provides an exceptional service, ensuring food does not go to waste and is utilised to support those suffering from food poverty.

Originally, we built their website in 2018. However, it began to appear outdated, and we were eager to enhance its environmental impact.

Saving CO2

The previous website did not align with Dom’s Food Mission’s commitment to sustainability, underperforming in carbon output and challenging the charity’s goal to reduce its carbon footprint. This highlighted the need for a sustainable website design approach. Their Helping Hand project had already demonstrated success in saving thousands of kilograms of CO2 emissions.

Recognising the environmental impact, we transitioned the old site, which was generating over 120kg of CO2 annually per 10,000 views, to a new, eco-friendly platform. The result? The newly launched website, now produces less than 12kg of CO2 per 10,000 views, achieving a remarkable saving of over 100kg of CO2

Green Hosting

In deploying their new website, we ensured that it was launched on our Green Hosting platform, which boasts 100% uptime. This move aligns with our commitment to sustainability and supports Dom’s Food Mission’s environmental goals.

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