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Writing Copy for SEO

November 12, 2018
Matt Southam

Here are our top tips for setting up your page with SEO friendly content.

The majority of website owners want their website to rank highly on the popular search engines such as Google, and while there are lots of ranking factors to keep in mind content is still king for both google ranking and visitor conversion.
With this in mind, how do you go about creating content which not only gets visitors to your website but then converts them?

Here are our top tips for setting up your page with SEO friendly content.


Heading on web pages are split into H1, H2, H3 and so on. H1 is what is known as the main heading. It should be key to what your web page is about and you should only use one H1 heading per page.
You can use multiple H2 as your subheadings. These headings help a visitor or a Google bot scan your webpage and know they are in the right place.

Meta Description

The meta description is the short snippet of text which appears under the page heading on a google listing. Although Google has said they don’t use this text for SEO ranking I believe that this is worth writing as it helps improve the Click Through Rate (CTR) from visitors if it is enticing and well written. Try and ensure your meta description for the page is relevant and enticing within the first 130 words.


While the length of your copy is no longer as important as it once was I would still recommend between 300-500 words for a really good article. This allows you to get in all the main keywords and phrases without it sounding spammy in any way. Remember to always write for a human first and a search engine second.

Duplicate Content

Never copy someone else’s work and don’t have the same content on each of your pages. Google will penalise you if it finds you have copied from someone else so keep your copy unique to you. You can do a free plagiarism check on page content via a free online checker such as


Don’t keyword stuff your content but make sure you mention what your page is about. If you are a Hastings Marketing Agency then make sure you actually mention this.


Relevant images are fantastic for quickly being able to demonstrate what your page is about but make sure they are optimised for web and are not too big. Big images slow down the loading time of a web page and page speed is a Google ranking factor. Alt Tags on the image also help tell Google what the image is about

Talk to your audience

Ensure the terminology you are using is relevant for the audience you are targeting. Engaging content which speaks to the visitor will make them much more likely to contact you. Overall relevance to your keyword is also much more important than the main heading for SEO so don’t just think you can put your keyword in the H1 and then not worry about the copy. Make it relevant and engaging

Further reading

While the above are some great starting points for creating good content if you are serious about getting your content to rank higher then you can find further articles on Cognitive SEO or Seach Engine Journey or contact us and talk to our professional copywriters. Blog writing or landing page creation is an option included in all of our marketing packages

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