The Palace Beer Hall and Hotdog Emporium

Sunday 19th of June 2016

About a month ago we were approached to work on a website for a new bar and restaurant but were not told any further details. This is not uncommon as often we work on projects which we can not discuss.

When we indicated that we could produce the work required we were invited to a meeting to set out the details. It was announced this would be a new venture called the Palace Beer Hall & Hotdog Emporium which would be taking over the older Pig In Paradise venue. We then met with the artwork designer and discussed using the logo which had been created as the main impact as prior to opening there would be any photos available.

We incorporated the colour scheme into the site, made the social links really bold and clear and implemented a minimal menu icon which opened a cool animated menu system.

The site is continually developing with a further development planned for 6 months time!

Watch this space!

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