BBB10K 2017

Friday 10th of February 2017

The Social Media Launch

The BBB10K is an annual 10k race which takes place in Battle.
We have looked after this Battle Website Design plus all of the Graphic Design work for a few years and it was decided for 2017 to go with a fresh new look.

The decision was made to go bold so the website was updated and new images were created for the Managed Social Media accounts including profile pictures, header images and posts.


Entry Open Image


Profile Picture


The Results

It was decided to boost the entry open post with £10 of targeted advertising for 3 days to reach even more local runners. During these 3 days the post reached 5798 people and had some great engagement including 61 likes and 39 comments. This was a great example of how targeted social media advertising can be really cost effective and unlike traditional paper advertising you can easily monitor the results

You can see some of the other results below.


We now look forward to working with Battle Bonfire Boyes (organisers of the race) to take the promotion of the event all the way through to September 2017.

We love working with local events so if you need some help to stand out and reach new people just get in touch.


The Website

Visit the BBB10k Website

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