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Monday 24th of July 2017

Battle Festival is an annual music and arts Festival which takes place during October each year.

We were approached to put a proposal together for a new website which needed to include an easy to updateable events calendar.
This sounded like a really exciting job and one we wanted to get involved in as our custom made content management system is ideally suited for custom client requirements

Battle Festival told us the details they need to enter for events and we built the system around this.
This included a google map to show the location of events.

On top of the events, a new feature for the site is an online voting system for the Battle Scarecrow Festival. For this, we again built a custom system for entering the scarecrow entries and developed a voting system which will store votes in a database to be collated at the end of the Scarecrow Festival.

All other parts of the site are also updatable by the Battle Festival Committee due to the site being built with our Content Management System Graphite.

This was a really fun project to work on as we love the opportunity to develop custom websites and meet the exact requirements of our clients. We were also lucky to work with local designer Cassia Friello who looks after all of Battle Festival's design working including the programme which meant the assets and colour scheme we were provided with were superb.

You can check out the website using the link below and if you are reading this before the 6th August 2017 why not visit Battle for the Scarecrow Festival and give the site a test by voting!

View the Website

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