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Why You Should Consider Good Quality Website Hosting

February 28, 2020
Matt Southam

If you are looking to get the most out of your website then you will want to consider some good quality hosting.

If you are spending money on a fantastic website but then putting it on some cheap website hosting then this is a bit like buying a racing car and then putting cheap tyres on it. They may look the same but they certainly won’t perform in the same way.

We have covered the difference between website hosting, a domain and your website in an older blog but let’s take a look at the advantages of good quality website hosting

Faster website load times

Website speed is a Google ranking factor. If you want to rank highly, and not frustrate your visitors then having a fast loading website is critical.

If you are on cheap hosting, chances are the server is shared with lots of other people all taking up resources. If one user is having a busy day on their website then this will affect how yours performs. Older servers are also, as you would expect, generally slower due to their specification.

Location can also make a difference. Hosting in the USA is cheaper than hosting on a UK based server and if your website has to be served from the other side of the world to the majority of your visitors then this will mean it is slower for them.

Stronger Security

Having your website hacked can cause all sorts of problems for you. From the inconvenience of the downtime to the cost of having the website cleaned and repaired.

As mentioned above, cheap hosting is often on what is known as “shared hosting” where lots and lots of unknown and unconnected people are using the same server to host their website. If one of these websites is a security risk it can potentially put everyone at risk.

While we do offer website hosting where multiple sites are on one server, we only have our clients on our server meaning we can ensure this doesn’t happen. In short, we are in full control with full knowledge of who is on our server and can ensure you won’t be hosting with a security risk.

Great Support

If you run into a problem can you get hold of someone? We have worked with many website hosts on behalf of clients and find support can vary hugely. Some have offered supper quick response where others have been less than helpful! One took nearly 36 hours just to say they couldn’t help!

Ensure sure you are confident that you can speak to someone promptly and that they will understand your issue.

Less downtime

If you have a website I assume you want it live to the world. Good quality website hosting has a better uptime. This is just down to the quality of the server you are hosting on.

We offer a guaranteed 99.9% uptime to ensure your site is available when it needs to be. Why only 99.9%? Well, we regularly perform maintenance on the server and this may result in a small downtime. Generally, planned maintenance is done overnight, usually, around 1 am and causes less than 60 seconds downtime.

We are open about this and you can track the downtime of any of our servers here:

We can, however, offer guaranteed 100% uptime if required. It is, of course, more expensive as we will be running redundant servers but if this is essential to you then we can make it happens.


We have had clients who suddenly found themselves being featured on prime time TV! Their traffic shot through the roof and we were able to allocate them more resources by moving them to their own dedicated server meaning that they suffered no downtime or slow loading at all.

This can be done easily and simply, and all you need to do is tell us that you are expecting lots more traffic than normal!


If you already have some hosting but are not getting the service you require, we would love to talk to you.

All of our website hosting is UK based and we have servers in Gosport and London. These are all monitored 24/7 by staff on-site at the server location.

Migrating your website is a fairly easy process and can often be done with no downtime. Give us a call on 01424 559589 or email and we will explain further how we can help you get the most from your website.

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