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Why You Should Be Posting Content Now

August 16, 2018
Matt Southam

Social Media marketing is about creating content, and lots of it. Even a few years ago I would have argued about only creating perfectly created content and making sure it is on message every single time. In 2018 I would now say “just get your content out there”

The way we communicate on Social Media has changed. The days of a text post being exciting are gone. Content should be now, it should be real and it should be delivered in real time. Don’t sit on your content, get it out there.

Communication by short video clips and a photo taken on your phone with an emoji on it are now legitimate ways for businesses to communicate.

But since when?

Snapchat arguably started this. Users could communicate using short snippets of what they were doing which could then either be sent to select friends or placed on a story. Once viewed the image or video would disappear after a few seconds. Stories lasted longer at 24 hours but are still a “disposable” system of creating content.

Instagram has really pushed this system forward with Instagram Stories and if you are not using it you are missing out (but more on that in another post!)

The purpose of this post is to say that it’s fine if your content isn’t 100% right. Use it as a learning curve. The old saying is “you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take”. I would update this to “you reach 0% of your audience with the content you don’t post”

Facebook is heavily pushing Live Video so if you want to reach people organically on Facebook use it!
Don’t want to mess up that perfect grid of professionally taken photos on your Instagram feed? No probs, use stories. All you need is a mobile phone to create content.

Tell your story, show behind the scenes images, celebrate a birthday. Whatever it is, just get your content out there!

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