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Why Websites Are Still Important

July 3, 2017
Matt Southam

When talking marketing in 2017 we often default to talk about Social Media Marketing but I think your website should still be your number one marketing tool and this is why.

With your website, you own it, control it and it reflects you.

This is different to how you are displayed on social media such as Facebook. While we love our social media platforms they are more limited than our website for delivering the exact message we want to deliver. It is also about how the site looks.
Our Facebook page has lots of content and while that content reflects us it still looks like a Facebook page and there isn’t much we can do about that.

We are also limited to the structure Facebook gives us. Timelines work great for social media but when showing off your services you don’t really want to have to make people scroll through lots of past content to see what you can do for them. We offer a number of marketing services including website designvideo marketingsocial media strategies, and graphic design. Not all of that can easily be seen on our social feed whereas on our website we have clear pages for each service and these can be got to from the main menu.

By having a great website we also know that even if Facebook changed their terms and conditions it doesn’t affect our website. If you only have social media channels you are leaving yourself open to these changes. You may think Facebook will never go but we all thought that when MySpace started!

So is Facebook marketing worth it then? Yes, of course, in fact, we run many digital marketing campaigns using only Facebook but we believe it needs backing up with a website, especially if trying to gain new leads. Social Media is fantastic, but ideally, you want to use it to show off what you can do to existing customers and then get new customers interested enough that they visit your website where you can deliver your message clearer.

Let’s look at a few aspects that you may think about when setting up your marketing material.


Website – You own the content, look and feel of your website

Facebook – A third party company and you have to follow their T&C’s

Winner – Website

The look

Website – make it your own!

Facebook – You can add your logo via the profile pic but it still looks like a Facebook page

Winner – Website

Usability (tough one!)

Website – People have to make the time to visit your website

Facebook – Many users are using Facebook daily anyway so they are already on the platform

Winner – Facebook (just)


Website – While you may allow comments on your blog posts, not many people comment

Facebook – Facebook is great for interacting with your audience and helps personalise your brand

Winner – Facebook

As you can see each has their place in marketing your business and even though websites have been around for many years make sure you don’t neglect yours just because you find updating Facebook easier. If you want a website which is as easy to update as your Facebook feed you could check out our website design service

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