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Why I Believe You Need 4 People to Build a Website

August 6, 2018
Matt Southam

40,000 google searches happen every single second. That equates to 3.5 billion searches every single day.

Now while 50% of that traffic goes to just 1% of the websites on the net (think Facebook, YouTube, Wikipedia) this still leaves an enormous world of opportunity for your business.

From doing some keyword research we know for example, that keyword phrases such as ‘Hastings estate agent’, ‘Hastings boiler repair’ and ‘Hastings web design’ generate between 40,000 – 50,000 searches each.
I am sure you would be happy with that many enquirers through your website.

The issue which often arises for business owners is that their websites are not set up to deliver in all the areas they need to.

Firstly they need to be found in Google and rank highly, then the meta description which is displayed in the listing needs to be captivating and encourage searchers to click through to your website.

Now once they are on your website you may think your work is done, but far from it! What impression do you provide your visitors when they land on your website? Does it look professional? Is the content relevant to the visitor so they know they are in the right place? Are there clear calls to action?

To build you a great website I believe there are 4 key roles needed in the design and delivery of a new website.

Graphic Designer – Their job is to make sure the website looks beautiful and creates the right first impression. Images should reflect the business and the colours and fonts chosen should provide the right look and feel for your sector and the target market you are aiming for.

Website Developer – The developer’s job is to ensure the website functions well behind the scenes. This relates to coding contact forms through to ensuring the site meets all of Google’s standards for loading time and security.

Content Creator – This role ensures the language used is suitable for your audience and that it captivates their imagination. There should be clear calls to action and well-written descriptions of the service you provide. They may also be responsible for providing monthly blogs for your visitors to nurture those who are not yet ready to buy.

Account handler / Project Manager – This is the go-to person. This is who you, as a business owner should be dealing with. This ensures the other 3 roles can get on with their job respectively and you have one key contact point. There are of course times when someone can take more than one role, but for a really seamless process, 4 key professionals work best.

Finally, when picking a web design company to work with you should also look longterm.
If you have a problem with your website or want some changes how easy is it to get hold of your web design company? And do they speak in plain English or Jargonese?
You don’t want to be left with an error on your website that can’t be easily changed. This is where the account handler will come in and ensure changes can be made.

MJS Media are a team of 5 based in Hastings and our partner agency, Growth by Design, is a team of 10 based in Wivelsfield near Haywards Heath. Between us, we can ensure we deliver excellent websites which work at every stage of the search to sale process.

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