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What Is The Point In Blogging?

February 11, 2018
Christina Rapley

Your mission statement is only a few lines long but it is a paragraph which clearly and accurately describes your company and what it does. If it’s good it will sum up your company and your values, if it’s great it will be inspirational.

It is a great way to stay in contact with your customers and speak to them in an informal way, it feels much more personal than just looking at a website as it has been written from someone’s point of view and this comes across in the narrative.

Blogs help you to interact with your customers and build a stronger relationship as you are providing free information which links back to your business and website. It makes it easier for them to get to know you as a business and what you offer. Adding blogs also means that you are adding new content to your website which increases your chances to show up on search engines.

The blogs you write should have something to do with what you do, they should show your customers that you know the market you are working in. We are a ‘Design, Development and Marketing’ Company, so the blogs we write are to do with Marketing, Branding, Social Media, Email, Technology, Media etc. They are all things that we know and understand and we offer information to make clients lives easier, regardless of whether or not they decide to do business with us.

Blogs help to direct people to your website as it gives you the opportunity to post on Facebook and Twitter and other various social media platforms and you keep the original blog on your website. A few months later (if the blog is still relevant) you can post it again on social media. Why not just post on social media? A blog is a place that you can go into depth on your ideas whereas a social media post is usually only a few sentences long at the most.

Blogging also helps to share what you are passionate about, it gives you a platform to speak to people who are interested in what you have to say and it builds a professional network increasing trust in your business through your knowledge.

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