Ongoing Costs

Understand our ongoing costs once your website project has been completed.

Hosting (Required)

Unless we have made arrangements to host your website with another company/service, a monthly bill for web hosting will be required to keep your website online.

The following hosting package is available for your Craft CMS website:

Standard Hosting - £25.00/month (+VAT)

  • Advanced Private VPS Hosting.
  • Git Version Control.
  • Daily Backups - Retained for 2 weeks.

Maintenance (Optional)

Your website is now available to the whole world! It's important that it stays safe, secure and up to date. We offer a maintenance package to do just this, it's not required but it's definitely recommended.

Standard Maintenance - £30.00/month (+VAT)

  • Core CMS updates.
  • Plugin updates.
  • Security patches.
  • Maintenance audit.

Additional Work

Sometimes things break down, or sometimes you might want to change the way something looks. We like to use the analogy of a bathroom fitter, if you had some new taps fitted but after a few weeks one of them started leaking, then we would fix that for free under guarantee. If however after a few weeks you change your mind and decide that you'd like different taps instead, then that would be a separate chargeable job.

Standard Rate - £75/hour (+VAT)

This covers any changes to the site post launch, if you decide you want to change the way something looks or add a new feature.

Bug Fixes (Out of our control) - FREE*

Over time, web standards change, things can become outdated and obsolete, unfortunately we can’t predict these things.

*Included with our Standard Maintenance package. Without a Maintenance Package, this will be free for 3 months from the launch date of the website. After 3 months this will be chargeable at our standard work rate.

Bug Fixes (Within our control) - FREE

Although we hate to admit it, sometimes there can be bugs in our coding. Very occasionally we won’t notice straight away. Any bugs and issues caused by our mistakes will be fixed at no cost to you.