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Website Maintenance Support

Your website is your primary information and contact centre for your customers.

Our specialist website maintenance team ensure that your website is consistently at peak performance and ready to serve their needs.

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Making Your Website the Easiest Thing to Manage in Your Business

As a smart business owner, you already know that after investing a lot of money in a great website, it is extremely important to keep it running at its best.

You may have also realised that you don’t have the time or expertise to maintain your website yourself. Managing a website can be complicated, and a real time thief.

This is where our professional website maintenance team step in. We keep your website fresh through regular, pro-active monitoring and maintenance activity, freeing up your time to focus on achieving your business goals.

We keep your site working at its best 24/7, and our in-house support team are here to resolve any problems swiftly and efficiently with guaranteed response times.

Existing client looking for urgent site support? Click here.

Flexible Levels of Support to Suit Your website Needs

We focus on four key areas:

  • Findability (SEO analytics & development)
  • User Experience
  • Site Performance
  • Visual Design

Whether you require support at a basic level to keep your website running smoothly, further activity to improve SEO and engagement, or advanced feature development, we have a programme to suit you.

Maintenance Programme


This is the fundemantal programme available for your website, and is essential to keep the core elements up to date and looking fresh. It is ideal if you simply want to reduce or minimise the natural decline in performance, content relevance and keyword targeting that happens to sites over time.

Refinement Programme


Based around the core site you have in place, our team works to ensure that key performance elements are protected, your keyword targeting is progressed at a modest rate, and that relevant content is updated frequently and professionally.

In addition to the functional elements above, we also regularly assess the interaction of visitors with your site (using heat-mapping tools and analytics) to then make informed recommendations to improve the way in which visitors engage and ultimately convert through your site.

Advancement Programme


This top level programme has three main aims:

  1. Maintenance of the existing structure, performance & content relevancy
  2. Refinement of visitor site interaction
  3. Development of new features

The programme provides the most comprehensive option for advancing the capability of your website and has balanced elements to target progress against all three aims.

“The team were fantastic to work with. They listened to all our requirements and made them happen for us”
Emma Grigg
The Wagon Yard

Hastings Website Management

We are based in the creative town of Hastings, just a stone’s throw from the beach and within 5 minutes walk of Hastings Old Town, and are proud to call ourselves a Hastings web design company. We can, however, work with businesses anywhere in the world and are not limited to our immediate area of Kent & Sussex.

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