Social Media Strategies for Businesses

We are sure you have heard of Social Media and that you should be using it for your business or group, but even we admit it is a bit of a minefield knowing what networks to use and what you should say.

Let us start by saying that we strongly believe social networks should be social. What we mean by this is we feel just posting adverts or solely about your products is not the best way to engage and promote your business on Social Media. Yes, advertising is a key part but don’t forget to interact, post about things going on in your area or just wish someone a happy birthday!

Here at MJS Media we can help set up and structure your social media so that it becomes a cost effecting marketing tool. We help you to set goals, decide who your key audience is and implement a social media strategy.

We help plan your social media strategy to meet the demands of your business and structure it around your key goals. We understand that if you are aiming for 18-25-year-olds your strategy will be different to if your key market is aged over 50.

How we can help with your social media

You may be wary of committing to any large cost on Social Media so our first package is designed to set you up and give you a brief run down as to how the main networks work and how you can use them. You can then enjoy seeing how other businesses operate and start getting involved yourself.

The Set Up

Social Media Set Up

We visit you at your workplace and help you set up a Twitter profile and a Facebook page. We explain how to post, retweet and favourite and give some tips. This is all done within an hour and costs £125

We will even create profile images from your logo ready to upload so you profile is complete within the hour!

The Twitter Tweet Package

We will sit down with you and get to know your brand, your business and you. This helps ensure the content we write will reflect the personality of your business.
After our initial consultation, we will go away and write 31 tweets which we can then programme to be tweeted across the month or give to you to tweet.
We will send you a document with these tweets so that you can adjust any you wish.

They will be a mixture of:

Informative – Information about your products, brand or business.
Interesting – Tweets relating to your industry including fun facts and images
Engaging – Calls to action

This helps ensure that your content is fresh, fun and lively and helps encourage organic visitors to your profile.

The One Month start up package

New packages coming soon

Facebook Posts

Facebook for Business Hastings

Facebook and Twitter should be looked at as separate tools and not used to duplicate content. Facebook has the advantage that you can publish more than 140 characters and sponsored posts are very cost effective.

While your goals may be the same and some of the information repeated it is important that it is not a complete copy. Depending on your aims Facebook can bring slight advantages over twitter as far as video is concerned so for videographers and photographers a Facebook page is key.

Facebook also brings an advantage that if you have lots of personal friends inviting them to like your page can be a great way to boost your number of “likes”

We will discuss what you want to achieve and advise how you can put your time to best use.