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Social Currency – How to Get Your Content Shared

January 16, 2019
Matt Southam

So how can a brand create social currency? Put simply, create content which is useful.

Why do social media users share what they do? In short, it is to make themselves look good.

Social Currency

Social Currency is the principle that sharable content is currency for the sharer.

For example, if I share a funny meme or post then I have done that to make me look funny. The same with a piece of tech news, it shows I have my finger on the pulse.

For businesses, you could think of it as word of mouth marketing. with this in mind what content are you creating which provides currency for your followers? What have you put on your social platforms that people want to share to their friends?

Modern marketing is about help, not hype.

A great example of this was during the “beast from the East” cold snap we had during Febuary 2018. I saw a local plumbing firm put a short video up showing how if your boiler had stopped working you may be able to fix it by boiling a kettle and pouring this over the outlet pipe.
This video was incredibly helpful and it got shared many many times by people wanting to spread this useful bit of information.

In “Contagious: Why things catch on” by Jonah Berger, he says “just as people use money to buy products or services, they use social currency to achieve desired positive impressions among their families, friends, and colleagues.”

So how can a brand create social currency? Put simply, create content which is useful.

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