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We like to have a clear pricing structure here at MJS Media.

This is so that you can understand what you are likely to be charged and so that we are protected from “can you just” requests that are usually more complicated than may be considered.

Adhoc website and marketing work

£66+vat per hour with a minimum 1-hour fee

It is essential to understand that we charge for any request outside of any pre-agreed monthly retainer.

If you only have a small job then you can, of course, provide us with a couple of other jobs to make up the time.

Advanced website changes

Advanced work could be the development of a custom plugin or fully custom piece of software for your website.

These jobs are quoted individually

Large changes

Where you would like a new feature or larger change to your website, we shall quote you on a job-by-job basis.

Payment Terms 💳

For work under the value of £500+vat

We invoice 100% of the fee upfront. Payment is required before we schedule the job.

For work over £500+vat

We invoice 50% at the start of any project and do not schedule the work in until this payment has been made. The final 50% is due within 7 days of completion.

For clients who cannot meet these terms, we will invoice you for 100% of the fee at the start and then schedule the work once this is received.


This document aims to set out the standards we hold ourselves to and establish an understanding between our customers and the MJS Media Support team.

The main objectives are to

• Provide a clear reference to responsibilities, ownership and accountability for your website.
• Present a clear description of what our website hosting service is.
• Match client’s needs and expectations to our support timelines.

Website Hosting VS Website Files 🆚


Imagine a car parked in a private space you have bought. If there is an issue with your parking space, it is nothing to do with the car. If there is an issue with your car, this is not the fault of the parking space. Your website is represented by the car, and the parking space represents your website hosting.

It is important to distinguish between these so that you know whether you need hosting support or website support.

If your website isn’t loading, the hosting could be down so it is a hosting issue. If a button has broken or your contact form has stopped working, this could be a website issue.

We will always support you, but depending on your agreement with us this may result in a charge.

Support vs Changes 🆚

Similarly to above, if your issue is directly affecting your ability to run your business (your website isn’t loading), this will be treated as a category 1 support ticket and will get our immediate attention.

If your request is for a change such as updating some photos or changing a PDF download, this will be scheduled for our next available slot.

Website Hosting 🖥️


Our hosting service is provided to give you a high-quality place to host your website files.

Our promise to you is:

• 99.9% uptime guarantee
• At least 1 weekly and 1 monthly backup
• Best-effort malware scanning
• Best in class firewall
• On top of this, if we manage your domain name we are able to provide additional DDOS protection via cloudflare

Support requests 💬

Support should be requested by emailing
This will open a ticket in our ticketing software and allow us to start processing. All tickets will be viewed within 10 minutes and in most cases within 2 minutes.

Critical support ☎️


If your tickets are business-critical, such as your website is down, we will start fixing this problem within 30 minutes of you submitting your ticket.

This is the maximum time you will be waiting, but in normal circumstances, this will be immediate once we have read your ticket.

Important support 📳

This is where something on your website is broken, such as a button or contact form. We will start working on a fix within 4 hours of you submitting your ticket.

Websites built by us come with a 12 month guarantee for bugs and broken elements 👍


Websites outside of this will be charged our normal hourly rate to fix any problems if you are not on a monthly maintenance retainer.

If the issue is hosting related, there will be no charge.


Changes are classed as not affecting the operational aspect of your website but are adjustments to content or visual elements.

These will be booked into our next available slot and charged at our normal hourly rate.

Support times 🕐


Our support is open Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm