Search Engine Optimisation

If you have a website then you want it to be found by potential customers on search engines such as Google. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of ensuring that your site can be found, read and ranked by search engines for the keywords that relate to your business.

Our SEO service is designed to ensure the content on your site is relevant, that your website is set up to meet all of Googles recommendations and that it is in good health.

How does SEO work?

It is worth pointing out that the days of trying to trick Google are long gone. Google is constantly updating their search engine ranking algorithm. Nowadays it is all about quality content, setting your website up correctly with the things such as using the correct H tags & meta descriptions plus external ranking factors such as high-quality backlinks and social signals.

We will work with you to boost your SEO and help your website appear to new visitors.

Local SEO

Local SEO is ensuring that your address is known to Google so that your site can be delivered for people searching for your service in your area. We are in Hastings so for our Hastings SEO work we ensure we are known as a Hastings Website Designers and a Hastings Marketing Company.

Why is this important? Well, Google just wants to present the most relevant results to their clients. If you search for "Pizza Delivery" you would want results showing Pizza Resturants close to you and it is the same with people searching for a business like yours.

Our SEO Stages

When taking on a website to run SEO on we ask for a minimum 6-month commitment. This is because slow and steady wins the race as far as SEO goes and you can't complete all the work in 1 month.

We would first do a full analysis on your site, see how it currently ranks and then put an SEO plan together. This is likely to start with ensuring that your on-page content is as good as it can be. By this we mean checking titles are suitable and the content is relevant. There is no point sending people to your site if when they arrive it doesn't meet their needs!

We would then look to increase the relevance of your site by adding in a blogging schedule or landing page creation strategy.

Updating and adding pages to your website is key for SEO as it increases the number of pages Google will index and allows you to have a regularly updated site so Google knows you are still alive! If you haven't updated your website in 2 years how is Google meant to know you are still in business?

Once this process has been completed we will look at increasing the number of links back to your site. It is again important to note that the days of dodgy backlinks are long gone. We would look at Directory Citations and if we can get other relevant blogs or pages to provide a link back to your content.

If you want to check your current Google ranking we have provided details in this blog post.