Marketing is the process of ensuring you are at the forefront of peoples minds when they are ready to purchase.

To do this you will want to market yourself across a range of platforms ensuring there is consistency in each and every bit of your marketing strategy. This should incorporate creating exciting content to put on your blog, making sure your website can be found by those searching for your services and personalising your business on Social Media with regular and interesting posts.

By working with us and choosing one of our marketing packages, you will receive a full outsourced marketing solution from a team that also specialises in Web Development, Video Production and Graphic Design. We can offer a complete service covering everything from your branding, to your website, to your advertising campaigns. This allows you the chance to concentrate on delivering what you are good at to your clients.

If you would like to have a free marketing review then just get in touch and we can show you want we can do for you.


Companies with blogs generate 126% more leads.


The Top 5 Results on Google Get 75% of the Clicks.


Facebook has 2.01 billion monthly active users.

Web Security

Half of UK SMBs could be hacked in under an hour.

Marketing Packages


£500 Per Month (+ VAT)

  • 1 Blog Post.
  • 10 social media posts to 2 profiles.
  • Website Backup and Maintenance.
  • Local SEO.


£650 Per Month (+ VAT)

  • 2 Blog Posts.
  • 20 social media posts to 3 profiles.
  • Website Backup and Maintenance.
  • Local SEO.
  • Google adwords set up if required.
  • Email Marketing to your subscribers.


£850 Per Month (+ VAT)

Everything in the Enhanced package plus/upgraded to:

  • 4 Blog Posts.
  • 30 social media posts to 3 profiles.
  • Expanding area SEO strategy.
  • Facebook campaign targeting key audiences (Incl. £50 budget).
  • Website landing pages created for campaign.
  • Monthly marketing meeting.

Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions are a bit boring but also necessary. You want to know exactly what you are getting for your money so therefore we have set out what to expect when working with us.


Our blogs are approximately 400 words and come with a suitable image. What this means is that some weeks you may only get 350 words but others will be longer at 450! It all depends on the topic and how much detail it needs.

Website Backup and Maintenance

We will take a backup of your website (not emails) and store this on our secure cloud storage with Amazon S3. You will be getting the benefit of the power of Amazon (the same storage as used by Netflix and Amazon prime video!) and we can access this anywhere in the world should we need to restore any files.

Maintenance relates to checking your site is still working. If you have a WordPress website we will update all plugins and core install.

Maintenance doesn’t include adding new features or pages, it is just checking all is working such as your contact form.

Social Media

We will post on your behalf and also pass on any enquiries that you receive. What this means is if someone sends a message asking for further details we will reply saying someone will be in touch and ask for an email address. This will be passed across to you. If we know the answer and it’s simple (are you open today etc) then we will reply if we can.


Google loves fast loading websites, regularly updated sites, those with good social signals and those with good quality back-links such as directory citations. We will work each month to improve these and exact expectations will be discussed at the start. The more competitive your keywords the longer it could take!

Minimum Term

We want to work with you as long-term partners but as a minimum, we ask for a 3-month commitment. Marketing doesn't happen overnight so this allows us to deliver great results! If you ever wanted to leave you just need to give us 1 full months notice.

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