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Live Streaming – Should It be Part of Your Digital Marketing Campaign?

March 28, 2018
Christina Rapley

Your mission statement is only a few lines long but it is a paragraph which clearly and accurately describes your company and what it does. If it’s good it will sum up your company and your values, if it’s great it will be inspirational.

We already know that video is much more engaging and attention grabbing than a static image on social media, live stream just goes that little bit further. You have the initial live stream and then you can still use the video for marketing purposes later down the line. In this article I want to take a look at why live streaming on social media has become so popular and if it’s likely to go away any time soon.


The immediacy of a live stream means that everyone on the same platform is finding out the same information at the same time. People can comment whilst the stream is live and you can respond to these comments in real time creating a conversation with your audience rather than a narrative.


The way people interact with live stream is different because of the immediacy of the content. There is a limited amount of time which means that if someone is interested what you are saying they are more likely to stay tuned rather than try and come back to the video later. They comment and receive responses in real-time. This gives you a great opportunity to take note of what your potential customers are saying and give them feedback.

Behind the Screen

There is a rawness to live video, it is the fact that live streams are not edited or over produced. They feel much more authentic, this shows the human face of your company or brand. People love to have a sneak peek behind the scenes into the workings of a company. Just look at Instagram, having snapshots into the lives and workings of the people in a specific organisation makes us feel much more in touch with who we are supporting or buying from.


Because multiple people can be watching and commenting at the same time, this helps to build a community around your brand. They begin to engage with each other and start discussions about your brand or product. This makes it much more likely for them to promote what you do.

Smart Phones

The smart phone has changed the face of marketing forever. Websites now have to be mobile friendly and people are on their mobiles at every opportunity looking for interesting news feeds and information. People of all backgrounds and ages are online and there is now always an audience for you if you can find a way to reach it. Live stream is a great way to do this.

Live feeds aren’t going anywhere, they are one of the best platforms for immediate interaction and engagement with your audience. With this in mind, should you be adding a live stream to your digital marketing plan?

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