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How to Watermark Your Images

March 2, 2018
Christina Rapley

There are two different type of verification badges you can request for your Facebook page, both are designed to let people know that your Facebook page or profile is authentic.

So, what exactly is a watermark and how easy is it to watermark a photo?

A watermark is a faint logo or text which is laid on top of an image to prevent the image from being used without your permission. It will often have the name of the person who has the rights to the picture so that you can contact them for details on how to obtain the original copy of the picture. The watermark may also take the form of a copyright logo, it just makes the user aware that this image is copyrighted and should dissuade them from using it without your permission.

When watermarking your pictures, you need to make sure that the watermark is not so dark that it totally distracts from the original image, but you also need to make sure that it shows up enough that it can’t be easily edited out of the picture. I have added a picture from Shutterstock below which clearly shows their watermarking.

To Watermark a photo, you can use a number of programs available online, from multi-functional image editing software like Adobe Photoshop to free apps like Water Marquee. I have added a step by step guide below using Water Marquee to show how the process can easily be done for free.

1. Go to

2. Click Start watermarking free

3. Click Select photos to watermark and upload the image you wish to watermark, please note that for this app to work your photo must be smaller than 3MB. If your picture is over 3MB a pop up will come up as shown below.

4. Once you have uploaded the photo at the bottom of the page you are given the option to add either text or a logo to the picture (pictured below). I will use our logo as an example in this blog.

5. You upload the logo or add text to the image, you can edit the size and transparency of the watermark image or text using sliders that pop up on the screen.

5. Now you just need to download the image, it will automatically save as a .jpg and it’s ready to use!

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