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How to Track Your Google Ranking

July 29, 2019
Matt Southam

If you have a website chances are you will want to know where it ranks on the major search engines. In this blog we look at a free tool which you can use to track your SERP.

Ranking a website at the top of Google and particularly in the number 1 spot isn’t easy. There are lots of websites online and everyone is competing for the top spot! But if you know your current ranking then you can at least put an SEO plan in place.

There are lots of good paid-for options available. For example, we currently use ranktrackr to track and produce reports for clients but if you are looking for a simple and free system then What’s My SERP is a fantastic tool.

If you don’t want to sign up for a free account you can just enter your domain and the keywords and check how you’re doing but I would suggest that if you want to regularly check (and if you are serious about improving your SEO then you should check your ranking at least once a week) then signing up for a free account will let you save your domain and keywords for easy reference.

You can see we have added in a selection of our keywords that we want to rank for. One we are keen to track is our Eastbourne website designer page as this is new (launched July 12th) so we will want to track how it does and if we need to put some additional effort into ranking in Eastbourne. It is quite likely we will as we are based in Hastings so will need to give Google a good reason to rank us above web designers based in Eastbourne

So now you have set up your rank tracking, how do you improve your SEO?

It may be worth reading an older blog of mine explaining how to rank in 2019 and how long you should expect to wait. This gives you the basics of SEO techniques.

If you would prefer to concentrate on the part of your business you are great at and leave SEO to someone else, why not get in touch and I can explain how we can help you improve your SEO with our simple monthly packages.

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