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How to Keep Your Marketing Going

March 25, 2020
Matt Southam

When times are good you should advertise, when times are bad you MUST advertise

There is an old saying that goes ‘When times are good you should advertise, when times are bad you MUST advertise” and let’s be under no illusion, we are now, for businesses, in the bad times.

It is proven that those who maintain or increase their marketing budget during a tough time come out stronger and will increase their market share once the good times roll again.

But, I hear you say, “we have no customers because we are closed”! And I get that, so now is the time to diversify your marketing.

Your consumers are now sat at home, but we have never been as socially connected online before. When people’s behaviour changes, so do we.

Keep posting on Social Media

If you fail to keep your marketing going, you will lose the ‘share of mind’ that exists within consumers. If they have forgotten about you, once we are over this period you will find it even harder to reconnect with them and you will have to work twice as hard.


Post on social media at least 3 times a week to keep your main profiles up to date and plant the seeds for when things improve.

Become helpful

Helping and selling are just 2 letters different, but they are linked. Now is the time to become a helpful resource to your consumers who are stuck at home. Can you provide useful tips in your blogs? Can you establish yourself as the go-to professional for up to date information?

I have already seen Personal Trainers putting on free workouts and, if you have young kids, I would guess you have seen the Joe Wicks PE lessons each morning. Guess who will be a top bookseller this Christmas? Yep, Joe Wicks.

Mortgage advisors have been putting out free advice to explain the Governments proposals. Accountants are doing the same. We have been putting out content explaining how we work remotely. What can you do?


Create 1 bit of helpful content each week!

Update your assets

Have you wanted to get your website overhauled, but haven’t had time to collect all of your assets including photos and text together? Now is the time to do this.

We are working on 3 brand new websites at the moment, and none have taken their foot off the pedal. These businesses understand that once this has passed, they can launch into the market with a brand new website and hit the road running. You could do the same!


Take a good hard look at your website; does it reflect you fully and will it be fit for purpose once you start again? If not, talk to us. While we can normally turn around a website in 6-8 weeks, and expect for it to be paid in full within this time, if you would like to spread your payments over 3 or 4 months we can discuss this.

Diversify and adapt

Is there an area of your business that you wanted to grow, but haven’t had the time? Guess what, you now have the time!

If the main part of the business has shut down, can you diversify and promote other products? We have seen wedding and event caterers now offering healthy and delicious home-cooked meals, delivered cold to your home. This wasn’t their main business, but with weddings cancelled, they didn’t want a kitchen sat empty!


Write down areas of your business and see which ones can still operate.

Then look at each area and see which can be adjusted to create additional work.

Need support?

If you need support creating content for social media or perhaps now is the time to have a new website just get in touch and ask for some free advice.

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