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How to Capitalise on Black Friday!

November 24, 2021
Chloe Wilkinson

The end of November is just around the corner, and as if that isn’t daunting enough… Black Friday is on its way too! 

Though it might be scary thinking you’ll either be swamped with orders from now until Christmas, or that your deals aren’t quite right and your competitor ends up taking the lead, Black Friday is one of the best times of year to promote your brand. So take the leap!

Why Black Friday?

Black Friday is consumer paradise. It’s the one day a year where you can shop online for as long as you like, spending as much as you like without feeling any guilt whatsoever! The deals and discounts make everything so cheap even though you end up spending triple your November wages! Plus, everyone is shopping to buy. They don’t have a clue what they’re shopping to buy, but they’re sitting on the sofa with their credit card in hand, scrolling through site after site, eagerly waiting to punch in those digits and press ‘Confirm Order.’

Most of the time you – and us! – don’t receive enquiries unless someone actually needs your product or service there and then. However, when Black Friday rolls around, the people scrolling don’t need what you sell, but they want it. And that’s where you can capitalise on the scariest day of the year for small businesses!

Can’t Live Without It

Remember the fuel crisis, or the toilet roll panic? If people fear they will miss out, the chances are they’dd ‘Add to Basket’ and press ‘Confirm Order; before you can blink! Make it clear when the offer will end and how many items you have in stock so people not only feel as though they have a time limit, but also so they can see you sell something popular. Everyone wants what everyone else has! Rather than saying how many you have available, change it to how many you can ship today! ‘Only 5 available for shipping today sounds’ better than ’25 available this week!’ This is the reason gigs have first release, second release etc tickets. Being able to have a “sold out” sign makes people not want to miss out.

Everyone Loves a Cheeky Bargain!

Tapping into emotions is one thing, but first of all you need to hook them in. The best way to do this: show the original price of what your selling right next to the slashed price. This taps into peoples’ psychological buying habits. Even if it’s still pricey, all potential buyers will see if the drop in price which makes them feel as though they’re getting the cheapest deal going! This will immediately grab their attention and make them click through to see more details about the product or service which is where your emotional description comes to play. 

Make It Easy

So now you’ve got someone hooked, they’re super excited to buy as they’ve decided they just can’t live without your product or service, they have their credit card ready to see if they can beat their record of filling in their details from the site before, but then the site crashes. Or the page takes too long to load. Or they can’t find the ‘Add to Basket’ button. 

Whilst ensuring you make your products and services appealing on Black Friday, the most vital part of a successful 26th November is having a full functional website. Otherwise people will change their minds or head to a competitor. 

How Can I Do That?

Double check your website speed by heading to and if it’s below a Grade B then get in touch with us ASAP and we’ll see if we can boost it! Ensure your server won’t crash with the business of Black Friday – if you’re worried then why not try out our incredible hosting system If you want to move your enquiry button to the top right of your website, we can do that too! 

Plus we can sort out your socials so people know what deals you have going on, we can create some awesome graphics showing the benefits of your product and service and we can write blog posts and landing pages, and even emotive product descriptions that include keywords to get your SEO boosted ready for the big day!

Good luck and get in touch if you need us!

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