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Roller Banners

Roller banners, pull-up banners, penguin stands, pop-up displays – whatever you call them… are they a worthy investment?


Consider these questions

Do you attend events or tradeshows?
Do you host events or seminars?
Do you have a meeting room?
Or conduct meetings in your office?
Do you have a reception area?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, then YES, a roller banner would be a great investment for you!

Why a roller banner?

Roller banners are around 2m tall but are very slim and just under a metre wide, so they command a visual presence in any room while taking up very little space. This is great for when you don’t have much room in your shop or if your exhibition plot is a little on the small side!

Perfect for backdrops to staging or use in promotional photos, these banners are extremely versatile in their use. They’re super light and portable, and we always provide a handy carrying case to ensure ease of portability and that they won’t get damaged in transit. And when you’re not using them at events, they really stand out in a meeting room or reception area, adding another bit of brand application to your space.

The fact that roller banners are so versatile makes them extremely cost effective. One banner can be used time and again in all kinds of contexts, and not only that, they are built to last. The base is typically made from lightweight but sturdy aluminium and the banner itself is printed onto a good quality vinyl or polypropylene substrate. The print is always 300dpi which is referred to as high resolution.

Roller banners are also super easy to store away when not in use, as they retract entirely into the base which is roughly 85x15x15mm. It’s a huge promotional asset that shrinks down to fit under a car seat – it doesn’t get much more practical than that.

So, do you fancy getting yourself one (or a few?)?

We’ve designed plenty of successful exhibition banners in our time. Here at MJS Media we have an expert team who will work with you to determine the setting, audience and desired response, plus the key messages you need to communicate. Once we have established the strategy behind it, we’ll design a striking banner than captures attention and gets your message across clearly and effectively.

Sound good? Great! Get in touch on 01424 559589 or fill out the contact form below and we’ll get in touch for a chat 

Need your banner printed?

As well as offering a great design service we can also print your roller banner for you and have it delivered to your door!

We have a number of different options depending on your needs and budget.