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Event Review – How to Achieve Business Growth

July 21, 2022
Matt Southam

How to Achieve Business Growth

On Friday 15th July, half of the MJS team ventured over to Eastbourne to meet with two of our alliance partners – Tim Rylatt (Growth Coach) and Nicola Tomsett (Mike Robertson Associates).

Together, Matt, Tim and Nicola developed presentations discussing the ways to take your business to the next level, and delivered it to a great turnout at the Hydro Hotel, Eastbourne.

Tim – Growth Coach

Tim from UK Growth Coach began the morning with a motivational insight to his career path and what led him to the position he’s in today.

After his talk on mindset, goals and the importance of understanding your figures, the most poignant part of his presentation showed the vast difference just a small increase to enquiries and conversions can make to your overall profit.

Matt – MJS Media

Following on from Tim’s presentation, Matt discussed the different marketing activity that can led to more enquiries, conversions and sales.

Though you may think these three processes use the same marketing activity, they actually require very different pieces of marketing. For example, you may use Google Ads to boost enquiries, case studies to lead to conversions, and a stunning proposal document to secure the deal.

Nicola – Mike Robertson Associates

After Matt and Tim had discussed ways to boost sales and the difference this can make to your business growth, Nicola stepped in with a fantastic presentation on securing finances for the future.

Though it might seem like a long way off, having an exit strategy for your business is essential, but you shouldn’t rely on it for your future finances. Nicola discussed the importance of a pension and the benefits that come with it not only for your personal finances, but also your business finances.

Tim closed the session with a talk on management, organisation and business structure.

If you’d like to attend our next event, or think we’d be a great fit at yours, please get in touch!

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