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Drone Photography & Videography

When it comes to making an impact with photography or videography getting that unique shot is essential.
Drones allow us to capture images from places never easily accessible before bringing a unique perspective to your property or event.

With advances in technology, we can get up in the air quicker and faster than ever before to grab that perfect shot.

Legal Drone Flying

We have both flyer, and operator ID’s from the Civil Aviation Authority plus public liability insurance.

We have deliberately invested in lightweight drones which allow us to fly in the A1 CAA class. This allows us to get closer to the action than ever before.

4k video

Our drone can shoot video is crystal clear 4k bring every detail to life.

Stunning Stills

We shoot RAW photogragrahy to bring ut the best in every photo


By using a lightweight drone we can get close to the action including flying above people.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long can you fly for
The drone can be in the air for approximately 30 minutes before we need to change its battery. We carry a minimum 3 batteries and by using a portable charge we can keep rotating these round to film for many hours
Is the drone weather dependant?
In short yes! The biggest obstacle in drone flying is the great British weather. If it is raining or too windy we can not fly. As a rule, winds above 20mph can start to cause issues for drones.
What if the weather is bad on filming day?
We will always be as flexible as possible. If it is likely the weather will improve that day we will wait for a break. If it isn’t likely we will reschedule to a suitable time.
How far can you fly?
Drones are allowed to go to a maximum height of 400ft (120m). They must also stay within 500 meters of the pilot and be visible.
How much does it cost?
Every job varies so we will quote on a job by job basis. Some jobs may require a site or additional spotters to work alongside the pilot.