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Could Your Logo Learn Something From Car Manufacturers?

September 29, 2020
Matt Southam

This may seem like an odd headline, but stick with me.

Over the last year, we have seen several high profile automotive brands redesign their logo. However, none of these have been dramatic rebrands. In fact, they have simplified their logos to make them more suitable for the modern age by going flat.

We are big fans of simplistic design – only last month I wrote a blog on why a logo should be simple. But what if you already have a logo, but it looks like it never left the 90s?

Classic styles from this era are bevelled and embossed logos with fancy effects creating a 3D look. I blame WordArt for many of these, but I also accept the reason car manufacturers used them is that this style reflected how their logo actually looked on the cars! But, enough apologising for them – they need to come up to speed (forgive the pun) with the times. And many have!

As you can see, these new, flat logos with subtle changes look so much better now (apart from you, BMW, yours is now harder to read!).

If you are looking to modernise your brand, then hurry up and contact us – we have several Brand in a Box packages that could be perfect for you!

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