Ross Francis Bespoke Interiors deliver bespoke, high-end luxury interiors to clients across the South East.

Ross Francis Interiors

April 2018

We were approached by Ross Francis to help them build their brand and online presence. The brand wanted to appeal to a high-end market to represent the quality of work produced by the company, and to enable them to compete in up market areas like London.

First of all, we needed to develop the logo and colour scheme, as this always helps to direct the rest of the brand into one consistent style.

Branding Design

There were a few itterations before coming to the final logo (which can be seen at the top of this case study).

We experimented with different type faces, styles and colours. In the end we created a bespoke typeface for the logo.

Web Design

Once we had completed the branding design, we had a clear direction for the web design.

Firstly we created a design language that the website would follow, it had to be high class, luxurious and in fitting with the logo design.

We took inspiration from Farrow and Ball's wonderful colour range to select colours that looked the part.

Fonts were carfully chosen to ensure that the website was easily readable, whilst continuing to look classy and modern. Playfair Display from Google's font library was chosen as the main heading font, with Furuta PT as a secondary for it's timeless contemprary look. Lato was chosen as the body font for its easy readability.

The website was built on top of Craft CMS (Craft 3). Which was the chosen Content Management System due to it's incredible flexibility and ease of use. The client is now able to build entire pages using prebuilt sections to ensure that the website continues to look amazing.

Want to see for yourself?

Once the brand and the website had been created we needed to make sure the site would be found by potential customers. We do this in two ways, with Marketing and SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).


This client picked our Enhanced package to market their company. We manage their social media for three platforms, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. For this we create social media posts, images and videos to engage potential customers and drive business towards the website. We also repost from other brands to help build online relationships and build a larger customer network.


Search Engine Optimisation is all about making sure your website shows up in web searches.

To make sure this happens for Ross Francis, we write blogs about related subjects. The idea of a blog is that it is informative and interesting, it can't be focused on selling. A blog is a great way to give away free information to potential customers. They will appreciate this free information and it makes them more likely to visit your main webpage. For Ross Francis the blogs were subjects such as 'Basement Conversions' Investing In Your Future'.

We also created landing pages, a landing page will be attached to a customer website but it won't show up unless it is clicked via an external link. Ross Francis wanted to be active across the South east coast of England so we created landing pages for different areas ie. Bespoke Kitchens Tonbridge Wells.

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