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Case Study

Juliet’s Catering

Juliet’s Catering create innovative and individually designed menus for anything, from large weddings, charity balls, dinner or drinks parties.

We were approached by Juliet’s Catering to improve their web presence as their website had become dated. Their website also had no CMS, so the staff were not able to easily update areas of the website.

With the branding remaining the same, we first created a design language that the new website build would follow.


The site needed to look elegant to represent the quality of work produced by Juliet’s Catering. A similar colour scheme was kept from the old website, and built upon. Timeless, modern fonts were chosen like Futura and IBM Plex.

One area of the old site that we particularly wanted to improve on was the Recipes area. Juliet’s Catering offer a wonderful selection of their own recipes for free on their site, so we took some inspiration from established services such as BBC Food to explore how we could improve the experience for website visitors.
A major weak point was for the old site was the difficulty in finding the right recipe. Every recipe was placed on a long list that the visitor would have to scroll through. And if a visitor hadn’t been to the site before, they might have a hard time knowing what recipe to choose in the first place.
To improve on this, we organised all the recipes into easily accessible tabs and included a search bar. This meant that visitors wouldn’t have to scroll through many irrelevant recipes to find what they were looking for.
We also improved the individual recipe pages to be far easier to read and understand, based on our research with established recipe websites. The site now also includes a handy print button for recipes, which will print off an easy to read, printer-compatible page if you don’t want to use your phone or tablet in the kitchen.

Craft CMS

Craft 3 was our CMS of choice for this project due to its endless flexibility and ease of use. Staff at Juliet’s Catering are now able to log in and modify any aspect of their website or even create entire new pages using pre-built sections to keep the site looking sharp.