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The MJS Media Brand

Our brand is a reflection of our clients, our team, and everything that we create.

And we are a little bit precious about it (as we should be).

We have a few guidelines for using our brand resources. Enter: the MJS Media “Brand Bible”.

This is a detailed style guide, and is a reference for our internal design team, and others who are authorized to work with the MJS Media brand.

This helps us to keep everything nice and consistent.

A few basic guidelines…

– Please do not alter our logo in any way!

– When writing our name, please spell it as two words, and always capitalise the letters MJS (e.g. not Mjs).

– Use the logo as big as you want. But never smaller than 30px tall please.

We have a few variations of our logo, because the primary logo isn’t always the best to use in a given situation, however, please do use them appropriately.

The primary lockup should be used in all possible circumstances, and the other lockups work as back-up options in cases where the primary lockup is not appropriate (e.g. really small scale).

Download our Brand Assets

Click to download our full brand assets pack, including the MJS Media Brand Bible