• 13th of October 2017
  • Matt Southam
  • Read time: 4 minutes

Using Emojis

Do you love an emoji?

Do you love an emoji?

We do 😃 and we find they are a great way to simply and quickly interact with our social media followers. It also helps let your followers know the tone of what you are saying which can be lost in just text.

So how is the best way to use Emojis?

Generally, we avoid Emojis in emails and just use them in the more social environment of social media. You can add them to a short sentence to increase the impact.

For example.

We are looking forward to the weekend

could be improved to:

We are looking forward to the weekend 🍷 🍺 🕺 💃

And when replying to your followers' comments you can add an emoji to make your reply more sincere.


Thank you

This can easily be improved with

Thank you 👍

Using emojis on a desktop

If you are a slack user then you may be used to just typing a colon (:) to search for the right emoji.
This is a great feature and one which can now be done on Macs using a little app called Rocket.

When licensed Rocket also lets you add your own gifs for an even quicker way to post replies!

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