• 26th of January 2018
  • Christina Rapley
  • Read time: 5 minutes

The Importance of Design and Branding

If you want to be noticed in today’s digital age it is so important to have a good online presence. You can achieve this in a number of ways but an eye-catching design and a strong brand are key ways to get started.

The design and structure of the brand is so important, a well-designed logo and webpage are the foundations of your brand so these need to be good. You want to be instantly recognisable, you want to stand out but you want to stand out in a good way. Your logo is your calling card, it will accompany every bit of social media you compose, every letter you write, every email you send and every business card you give out. It takes seconds to make a first impression and with a great looking logo you will be making the right impression.

A poor design can undo the hard work you have put into a company or project, as can a badly maintained webpage. So many people are online all of the time and they see so many marketing campaigns, a poor one stands out immediately. Online marketing is a huge driving factor in new and repeat business so to keep up with the growing market you need to make sure that your name and your brand are relevant, eye catching and online on the various social media channels as well as your webpage.

You want your website and logo design to represent your company clearly. Think of the company Apple, their logo is simple and clear, everybody knows that symbol and the company it represents. If you go to any of their social media pages you will see the apple symbol. It is synonymous with everything they do, they may change the colour or layout for various marketing campaigns but the logo stays the same. It doesn’t matter that in essence, an apple has nothing to do with computing, the brand has been successfully marketed over many years and consistent information and marketing campaigns mean that we the consumers know exactly what the brand represents.

When it comes to the initial process of designing some people prefer to do this themselves or they may want to find someone to do this on their behalf. The advantages to using a design agency are that this is what they do, they work on these ideas all of the time so they have a tried and tested formula. Another problem that can arise with trying to design a webpage or logo yourself is that sometimes you are looking for designs that you like and to drive a marketing campaign it’s important to remember that what you like isn’t the most important thing, what is important is that the design is eye catching to 99% of consumers which is where a design company can help.

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