• 18th of September 2017
  • Matt Southam
  • Read time: 5 minutes

Setting up your website for visitors

When having a new website built it is very easy to get caught up with looking around at other websites to see what you like.

Now, while it is good to do some research I would argue it is better to research what your visitors like, not what you like.

Your website is not for you. You already know your products and services inside out, it is for your visitors to discover how good you are so, therefore, you need to set your site up to solve their problems.

This isn't to say you shouldn't have any visual influence on the design of the website but that you need to understand what it is your clients want to see and what is important to them.

Let me explain

When writing the copy for your website ensure you are selling the benefits not features of your product or service. You can read more about this in our blog called "people don't want toothpaste, they want clean teeth" but basically what is it someone gets after buying your product or service.

Easy to understand

Use clear titles or pictures to quickly let visitors know you can do what they need. Make it easy for them to navigate the site and ensure that there are no broken links. It is really frustrating if you click a link and it doesn't go where it is supposed too. If you have moved a page on your website make sure you update all links to it or ad a 301 redirection If you need to check broken links on your site you can use this tool brokenlinkcheck.com

Answer key questions

Ensure that all the key questions that potential clients may have are answered no matter how silly they seem to you. This could be as part of a FAQ or just within the copy. Don't leave visitors wondering if you can do what they want or they may just find someone else.


Make sure it is really easy to get hold of your contact information. There is nothing more frustrating with just wanting to phone or email a company and not being able to find the info!

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