• 9th of October 2017
  • Matt Southam
  • Read time: 6 minutes

Our top 5 marketing tips

Marketing is simply creating a demand. It is promoting your products and services so that people want them.

We don't like to persuade anyone. If you have been persuaded you are probably saying this is a negative way! Remember when you were "persuaded to help" you didn't really want too! We prefer to influence and we do this by setting ourselves up as a leading Hastings Marketing Agency and by offering a useful blog.

When it comes to marketing we have lots of tools we can use such as website design, social media campaigns and video production but whatever tool we are using we always take these tips into account.

Tell people what they want to know, not what you want to tell them

This may sound obvious but remember your marketing should be telling clients how you can help them.
A computer maker may be very proud that the internal hard drive is 2TB and it fits in a small space but what people want to know is that they can store thousands of their photos and songs on it. A great example of this is on the home page of Dropbox as rather than explain how the intricate syncing and archiving system works, it simply states “Your files, everywhere”.

You can read more about this in our blog post people don’t want toothpaste.

Give advice for free, charge for implementation

We have never had access to so much knowledge. If you want to know how to do something you can Google it or watch a tutorial on YouTube.
Our own blog is set up purely to give information away. What we charge for is implementation as most people simply don’t have the time or are eventually out of their depth. I own a hammer and a saw and could watch a youtube video about using these but I still wouldn’t be a carpenter.
We can tell you how to speed up a WordPress website by adding some code to the .htaccess file but unless you are confident in doing this you would probably prefer to pay a small fee to have us do it!

Don’t forget your existing clients

It's easier to gain business from existing clients than to get new clients. With this in mind imagine if you diverted your entire marketing budget to treating your existing clients. Would they feel more engaged to your brand? Would they then want to tell all of their friends and clients about you?

Maybe your entire budget is unrealistic but the odd treat for your existing clients is a great idea!

Personalise your business

Staff photos are a minimum. Ideally get your staff to blog, go networking or any other way for people to connect with your brand. Even in Business 2 Business, you are still selling to a person. It is humans who own the business you want to work with so make sure you connect with them.

Be consistent across social platforms

If you have social media platforms either use them or get rid of them. It looks terrible if you haven’t posted for 6 months. We stick to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. It is better to do 3 well than 6 average!
We also ensure everything is of the same high quality across all platforms and that the pages are set up correctly. Need help optimising images or setting up your facebook page then our blog also helps you do this!

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