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Wednesday 29th of November 2017

Matt Southam

In our blog post about who you need on your team when starting and running a business, we spoke about needing someone to look after the marketing. Now it is possible that you are doing this yourself but more often or not as your business grows you will run out of time to be able to really push yourself forward.

First of all, what is Marketing? Well Marketing is simply creating a demand by influencing your market

To do this you will want to be putting out a consistent message across where your target market is. This should include social media channels for when you market are browsing, creating good quality useful content such as blogs to establish you as market leaders and ensuring that for those using search engines such as Google that your website is highly ranked.

If all of this sounds a bit of a headache then we are pleased to launch our fully inclusive Marketing Packages.

These packages allow you to get a full-service package for one monthly fee and as these packages clearly list what is included you can pick the one that best suits your needs and sit back knowing that your full marketing is being looked after by an experienced marketing agency.

Now before you jump in to start working with a marketing agency you may have a few questions. These could include does the agency offer graphic design services so that my social posts all look great, if there is a problem with my website can it be fixed and do they have experience with creating great content. Well, the good news is we do all of those in-house so for less than it would cost to employ someone to work in your office looking after your marketing plus relying on other companies you can get it all in one place.

Our packages even include backing up your website so should there ever be a problem we can get it fixed quickly and smoothly

You can view all of our new Marketing packages here


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