• 14th of November 2017
  • Matt Southam
  • Read time: 4 minutes

Me-Mail not E-Mail

id you know the average office worker receives 121 emails per day! That is a staggering figure and while I am sure for many people it is much much less than that I think we would all agree that we receive too many emails.

When sending out your next email message to you're mailing list remember that people don't actually want any more e-mail. What they do want tho is me-mail.

This is a phrase I heard coined by Seth Godin in one of his Ted Talks and what he was saying is that we only want emails that actually benefit us. We don't want to know what companies want to tell us we want to know what we want to know!

Sounds obvious doesn't it but I am sure we all receive emails from mailing lists and don't even bother reading them!

How to solve this problem

First of all, if you haven't read our blog about features and benefits then that is a great starting point for understanding what customers and target audiences want to hear.

Once you have done that, structure your marketing messages to be all about your target audience. write headings which are exciting and match these with short descriptions which tell readers what the benefit is of reading your email.

Create a checklist

When sending out an email to our mailing list make sure it reaches some key objectives. We keep ours really simple and every email we send has to tick this box:

  • Is it useful to the recipient

Final word

As in the title, just make sure your emails are me-mails and you will get better open rates and interaction with your subscribers.

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