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Marketing Funnels - Part 2 Consideration

Wednesday 19th of December 2018

Matt Southam

If you have read part 1 of my blog series about marketing funnels you will know that before considering any marketing you need to define your target audience. If you haven’t yet done that then take a quick read so that this blog makes sense

Consideration and nurturing

A prospect is now aware your business exists and has a small understanding of what you can offer. It is now very likely they will be considering you compared to your competition and wanting to know more about you.
This process often starts with a Google or social media search. Self-research is on the up and people will be learning about you before they even contact you so you need to make sure these channels deliver the message that they need to see.

Often the first place someone will look is your website. Because of this, it needs to deliver the right message and quickly. Clear navigation and fast loading is key to enable a visitor to find exactly what they need quickly.
Text should be written about them and their needs not about you and it should be clear what action they should take to move to the next stage.

Social media

Social Media channels allow you to personalise your business, educate your followers and establish yourself as a market leader.
You should be posting messages which encourage prospects to want to work with you. This could be case study photos, blog posts shared from your website, or posts showing your companies personality.
Take a look at your target audiences and you will then know if Instagram is better than Facebook or Twitter is better than Linkedin

Email list

While GDPR may have made things slightly trickier I don't think sending emails to people who weren't that interested was a good strategy anyway so it's better to have full permission as you then know they are interested.
Look to offer an information swap or incentive to sign up.
For example, if you're a fitness instructor you could offer a free 30-day plan in exchange for signing up to the mailing list.

Once signed up you could send details of a case study of how someone lost weight and improved their fitness by taking a course of personal training or similar.

Don't be too sales like but always let prospects know how they can purchase.

Moving along the funnel

So now you have reached out to your target market, nurtured them to show that you are great at what you do it is now time to convert them which we will cover in part 3

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