• 5th of February 2018
  • Christina Rapley
  • Read time: 5 minutes

How to use Instagram for business

Why is Instagram good for business? It’s a great marketing tool with a massive reach and there are millions of users looking through these photos every day. If you learn to turn this to your advantage it’s a great way to promote your business.

As with your Twitter and Facebook, Instagram offers an insight into your business, your staff, your practices and your personality. It gives your customers a chance to see behind the scenes and into your workspace. It doesn’t really matter what your business is, from a recording artist to a bar owner, having this platform gives people a snapshot into your world and the way you live your life. It builds trust in an increasingly automated and tech-based world.

The hashtag is a must have for Instagram, it makes it so easy for people to find what they are interested in and it means that your post will be shown in the right context with other similar posts. The key is to use relevant hashtags, some that promote your business and campaign, and other general hashtags that ensure it will come up in related searches. We would advise using between four and six hashtags. Make sure you are up to date with the hashtags that are trending and try and work them into any pictures you post.

As a marketing tool, Instagram is great for generating interest and keeping people talking about your business, competitions are often featured with prizes for the best photo. A campaign like this will keep your company name coming up and it means that people are more likely to click on a picture that relates back to you.

Another great feature of Instagram that you should definitely use is the ability to mention other people and businesses. For example, if someone said they really enjoyed working with @mjs_media_ltd we would be tagged in the post. We would then be more likely to tag them back or post something that mentions them. It creates a community which boosts business for everyone involved.

Instagram is a great way to show your creativity, your business identity and promotes your brand in a creative way.

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