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How to check your Google ranking

Wednesday 13th of September 2017

Matt Southam

When launching a website everyone wants to know how soon the website can get to the top of google. Now, this is a long and complicated answer as it depends on many factors and realistically you need to be aware that a new website probably won't have the same authority in Googles eyes as many of the existing sites it ranks.

You need to give Google a reason to rank you above your competitors. This can be done by having a good blogging schedule, great content and some fantastic social signals.

We offer SEO work but before starting this we like to check how a site is currently ranking. Searching in google on your computer doesn't give a fair indication as google will highlight websites you have visited in the past and bring lots of other factors into play.

The best way to check is to use an online tool which independently checks how your website is ranking for your preferred key words.

One of our preferred tools for checking how we rank and how our competitors rank is serps.com rank checker.

Just put in your keyword/s and then make sure you change your search engine location to where you are based (E.g. in the UK, we need to set it to United Kingdom. This is because Google will surface more relevant sites based on location), when you're done, click 'Go!'.

This will then list the top 250 results.

We are really lucky (we say lucky but we have put a lot of work in!) that a check for the search term "Hastings Marketing Company" brings us up at number 1


The second tool we use is SerpLab Rank Checker.

This tool allows you to enter your domain name (if you are not sure what your domain name is read this) and 5 keywords and it will tell you where you rank for each of those. It doesn't show your competitors automatically but to see the top 10 is just a click away!


Once you know how you rank you can then work out what you need to improve on. Having checked today (13th September) we clearly need to do a little more work on optimising for the search term Hastings Website Designer so we will put a plan in place for the next 3 months and get our SEO work done.


UPDATE - September 26th


We have been tracking our keyword "Hastings Web Design" and "Hastings Website Designer" since this blog post and are pleased to say our work is paying off and the ranking has moved up to number 5 and 7 (although it has been moving around lots!



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