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Branding your Facebook Page

Tuesday 12th of September 2017

Connor White

All businesses want to have a strong social media presence and one of the first steps to achieving this is to ensure your page branding looks professional. 

When setting up your Facebook page, it is a good idea to think about the image sizes that you need to use and ensure they are optimised for web use. Using images with the wrong shapes and sizes can cause your content to be displayed incorrectly, which will not make the right image with your visitors



Profile Picture

Facebook Profile pictures require a square image to be uploaded. We recommend a minimum size of 300x300 pixels, though Facebook will accept 170x170.
If you try and upload an image which is not square you will have to select which bit of the image to display and this may miss out some key aspects of your profile picture. Say your logo is more rectangular we would recommend placing it within a square image so that it is fully displayed to visitors.
Making your profile picture slightly larger than minimum also means that the visual downsides to compression such as pixelating and loss of quality are less apparent.


Cover Photo

One of the first things people are going to look at when they land on your page is the cover photo so make sure it displays correctly to grab the user’s attention. It should also be relevant to what your page is about. A size of 1000x380 will work well for the cover photo of your business page. Facebook now displays the cover photo at 820x312 pixels.  Don't fill it with lots of text but try and have a clear image which reflects your business.

Facebook also now allows you to use up to 90 seconds of video for your page cover! The video must be at least 20 seconds long and the recommended crop size for this video is 820x462 pixels.
Taking advantage of video could really help your page stand out.

If you don't have your social media profiles set up just get in touch and we can create all these assets for you


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