• 2nd of April 2017
  • Matt Southam
  • Read time: 6 minutes

How should you split your social media posts?

We often get asked by social media account managers during our social media consultancy service what types of posts they should put on their business facebook page so we thought we would try and simplify our standard rule of thirds system.

Before jumping into this it is important to explain that the reason we like this split is because if you just "sell sell sell" on your page you will soon become a very boring brand! We much prefer sell, share, personalise

Social Media

Remembering that social media should be social plus one of my favourite quotes from Jeffrey Gitmer which is "people love to buy but they don't like to be sold too" is the core to advertising on facebook.

So let's look at the split of social media posts

1/3 Calls to action (or posts about you)

This could be a post asking someone to click through to your website, get in touch, sign up for something or just information about your products and services such as a few below

call to action post
call to action post type

1/3 Knowledge sharing or sharing others posts

This helps establish you as social, caring & knowledgeable. You could be sharing articles from others within your industry that your followers may find interesting or content that will help out another business in your town.

Sharing is caring!

We often share content our clients have created as it is great to help other reach their goals too. It is not all about you and on the flip side, they may then share your content!

knowledge post
Sharing post

1/3 personalised content

This can be the hard one for some people but we truly believe it doesn't matter what industry you are in there are always personal parts you can share.

You don't have to go down the funny route but posts about what you are up to, a photo of your local town or wishing everyone a Happy Friday are all ways you can post on social media without selling. We have a laid back, fun approach so we often use funny gifs in our posts but anything you post which is NOT knowledge sharing or a call to action can still have huge benefits in promoting your business as a friendly face (just make sure it is relevant to your core values)

personalise a social post
fun blog posts

Combining them

Sometimes there is an opportunity to combine a post. Here is an example where we knowledge shared about a google chrome update but also noted that our clients were already covered so there was a tiny bit of sell added on!

social media posts

To sum up

Think about what you like to look at when you are browsing on facebook. Often you are doing this in your own spare time so you don't want to just see lots of adverts! The best-shared content is content which is shareable (sounds obvious really) but this basically means something which the user gets a benefit from when they share it. So it could be that they are seen as on the ball within their industry, that they think their friends will find it useful, funny or amusing or that they agree with the point you are trying to make.

What are your best success stories from social media content? We would love to hear from you on our facebook page

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