• 31st of August 2017
  • Matt Southam
  • Read time: 4 minutes

A Website vs Domain Name vs Hosting

When having a website built it is easy to get excited at how it looks and then forgot you need two other components to run a website.

The first is some website hosting which is where your website files are stored and the second is a domain name.
Domain names and hosting and linking them with your website can seem confusing but in this blog, we want to explain the simple difference and help you understand.

A website

A website is essentially a big package of files. Images, Text and Code. This is the part we design and build for you. When the website has been completed and gone through all our quality checks, we upload the package to the Hosting.


We then need to store these files on a server which is connected to the internet. There are lots of hosting companies all offering different packages and while this is something we will write about in the future, for now, you just need to know that you need some hosting to store your website

Domain name

This is the www.thispart.co.uk
is the name which is easy to remember and that you can give out. When someone types in this domain name to a browser like Chrome or Internet Explorer it connects to the hosting and shows your website. Our domain name is mjsmedia.co.uk

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