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Are Google Ads suitable for your business?

October 13, 2022
Matt Southam

Are Google Ads suitable for your business?

Firstly let’s cover what Google Ads are

Google ads is a system of placing an advert within Google’s search results when people search for a certain keyword or phrase.
When someone clicks on it they are taken to the page on your website that you have set.
You pay Google a fee for each of these clicks, which is why it’s known as a pay per click system (or PPC for short)

You define when you want your advert shown and what page those who click it land on so it’s a really customisable system.

There are 2 main benefits this has over organic SEO

Firstly, time. You can get an advert set up and running and be shown on the first page of google as soon as you publish your advert. This is much quicker than the time it takes for organic SEO to work.
If it is a new service you are promoting or you want to expand into an area you are not currently operating in and want traffic right away, then Google Ads is 100% your friend.

The second benefit is that you can directly track your PPC spending right through to a sale, so you can know exactly what is working and what isn’t.

With some goals set up, and conversions enabled you will know how much each enquiry has cost you, so you can decide how best to adjust your budget.

Should you choose Google Ads over Organic SEO?

I would say that they complement each other. If you are promoting a new service, they can be essential in driving traffic, but even if you are ranking on the first page of google organically already, they give you a double hit. And therfore, a double chance to get a potential client or customer to land on your website.

Remembering they only show up for the keywords you set you can target those exact customers that you want.

A word of warning

Setting up google ads can seem simple. In fact, Google will even help you do this. The issue is that they just want clicks on your advert. That is how they make their money.
The smart business owner ensures that it is not just the advert getting clicked but that the landing page the visitor lands on converts.
You don’t necessarily need more visitors to your website, you need more conversions.
Nail this, and then drive lots of traffic to it.

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