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You will no doubt want to maximise the reach of your marketing message and one clear way to do this is via the medium of video
Recent statistics show that a video on social media organically reaches 135% more people than a still image and website landing pages with a video embedded increase conversions by 80%!

It also helps visitors remember your message. People only remember 10% of your message when they read it but 95% of it when they watch it.

You could use our videographers to film promotional videos, explainer videos, video testimonials or case studies just to name a few, and the benefits these will bring to you are huge.

Increase sales conversion.

Testimonial videos allow you to capture great feedback from your clients to show future clients and they are shown to be the most effective (89%) marketing message you can deliver. It's ok you telling potential clients that you are great at what you do but how about having your past or existing clients telling them! It will be more credible and therefore more likely to convert potential clients into actual clients, bringing you more business.


Film it once, keep it forever.


With an explainer video once it is filmed you can upload it and it can be used multiple times. I am sure you have experienced explaining how to do the same task over and over to either clients or new staff. A video filmed once will solve this problem.


Show off your best work


Case studies are a fantastic way to capture those big projects you have worked on and get a testimonial video at the same time. Think of your portfolio, but presented better!

So why use us?

MJS Media have the experience, creativity, and professionalism to film and promote your business, product or event in glorious HD. We also have in-house graphic designers and social media marketing experts so we know what works.

Video marketing is one of the biggest trends in marketing and shows no sign of slowing down. Don't get left behind, contact us today.

"Thanks Matt, You're a top banana, and you can quote me on that."

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Fred Thomas

What equipment do you use?

We will bring what is required for the job but primarily we use the latest DSLR technology with professional Rode Microphones, Zoom audio recorders, camera sliders, monopods and GoPros.

Can you create graphics?

Yes, we can. Animation and motion graphics are very complex jobs so we would need a chat before providing a quote but almost anything can be achieved.

Can you provide voiceover?

We can. Whether you require a deep movie trailer voice, a BBC English voice or a DJ voice we can do it.

Do you travel?

Yes, we do. Although we are bassed in Hastings, in the last year, we have filmed in East Sussex, Kent, London, Norwich, and Birmingham.

Do you also provide photography?

We do! You can check out our photography service here.

Are you ready?

Get in touch with us!


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