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January 2019

Natalie Rose, an existing make up artist and trainer, was in need of a fresh new look for the business.

The client already had some ideas in mind such has a hand-written style font and including rose gold within the colour palette. They also required multiple versions of the logo for the different services they offer, as well as a submark.

Old Branding

We began with a few concepts, and narrowed them down to one. We used a soft gradient on the logo type to achieve the rose gold effect, and a pale pink watercolour mark behind the text. For the subline, which needed to be more subtle, we used a Trajan style serif typeface in small caps and wide tracking, in a much smaller size and a charcoal grey colour, to achieve the desired hierarchy within the logo as a whole.

With the logo designed and multiple versions created with different sublines, we moved on to produce a beautiful business card design. On the reverse of the business card we incorporated graphic elements of the new brand, such at the watercolour marks and rose gold gradients.

Now that the company had a cohesive brand with business cards we designed a series of informational flyers to promote the educational courses offered by Natalie Rose. Using brand imagery and the information provided by the client, here is what we produced.

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