ElecSmith Electrical

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August 2018

When starting a company your initial branding can help set you apart from others.

We were approached by Charlie, Director at Elecsmith Electrical, to design the company’s logo and provide a clear branding document so that representation of the brand, whether on social media, a company van or staff uniforms, was consistent.

Logo Design

The brief was to create a modern, yet classic logo using recognisable symbols and bold typography.

We combined a traditional bulb shape with a geometric design which could be used as the "element" within the main bulb or as an icon on its own.

Business Card and Branding Document

Once we had completed the logo design, we had a clear direction for the business card.

Using the branding created, a modern simplistic card was designed which played on the strong colour palette of black, white and orange with accents of grey.

The branding document provided set out how each element could be used, fonts to use for headings and body text and ¬¬the exact colours we used.

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