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August 2018 - Present

Camber Getaways is a local business, originally built up from 2 self owned caravans in Camber Sands.

They now manage almost 100 properties, yet still maintain the same high levels of service and personal touches as they did in the beginning.

Camber Getaways were eager to take their business to the next level.

They had an existing website with an online booking system. However, due to it not being as user-friendly as it could have been, they were still getting lots of phone calls each day to make bookings or ask questions.

Our aim was to deliver a website which was easy to use, was fast loading and included a booking system that is convenient for both staff and customers.

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The website has been designed to match and develop on Camber Getaways’ existing branding, while emphasising on the summer holiday feeling (which is Camber’s busiest time of year).

The interface is intuitive and easy to use so that customers don’t get lost while looking for their holiday. Because of this, we can see that the website has an excellent bounce rate, as users aren’t leaving the website due to frustration.

The team at Camber Getaways were already researching a new management system to improve their efficiency of taking bookings and managing the park.

We recommended that Camber Getaways ditch their previous booking and management system, and move to SuperControl.

SuperControl allows the team at Camber Getaways to seamlessly manage all of the properties available to their customers on their website, as well as handle all of the bookings and payments, all the way through to integrating with services like AirBNB and HomeAway.

Within the first day of launch, Camber Getaways had taken their largest ever booking and have since seen a reduction is people phoning up having difficulty booking.

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